Feedback Loop Kaleidoscope Effect

Try moving your mouse across the applet. Hold in h or F1 for a list of shortcut keys -- you may need to click to give the applet focus.

Running this as a standalone .jar will allow you to save screenshots.

What's going on here?

Imagine the effect of pointing a camera at its own display. The image on the display screen goes back into the camera, undergoes effects of being captured the camera -- including time delay -- and is drawn back out to the display. This process continues rapidly and endlessly, with the image getting smaller and more distorted at each step. Emergent, fractal behavior occurs near the center of the display as the loops reacts to itself.

This applet simulates that effect by feeding the display image back into itself each time it is drawn to the screen. Watch the movements of your mouse cursor spiral towards the center of the image mimicking your movements.