Three Rivers Stadium Implosion

As noted elsewhere here, I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Back in February 2001 I got to witness Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium demolition. My dad brought our old 1980's video camera to film it, and afterwards we dumped the recording to the computer. And so I present another low-quality video,

I put this up on YouTube in September 2006, and as of this writing it has gotten about 28,000 views. Now that I finally put it here, it's clearly available under any of the licenses at the bottom of this page.

We were standing nearly underneath the Fort Pitt Bridge (seen at the top of the video) facing directly north, next to some railroad tracks. You can see all three rivers: Ohio river to the left, Monongahela river to the right, and the Allegheny in the top middle behind the Point.

That thick dust cloud you see at the end rose up and engulfed the whole city, overtaking us as we headed back to the car. So I got a little bit of history in my lungs. If you're some distant-future archaeologist reading this maybe you can retrieve some particles from my decomposed rib cage. Put them in a museum or something.

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