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I wrote this thing back in September 2005 when I had to learn Matlab for work. This writeup was done about year later.

This was a text-adventure engine I wrote when I was starting to learn Matlab programming, which means the Matlab code here is pretty horrendous. It may or may not work in GNU octave, I didn’t bother checking. That’s because I later wrote a Perl version that does the same thing (when I was still starting with learning Perl, so not much better). Included is a sample “world” to explore (in English and pig latin!). The format for the “world” is a really simple one, probably missing a lot of features of a real text adventure scripting language. Have fun!

This is what it looks like,

Welcome to Walk. Just type in plain English into the 'Action:' line what you
want to do.

Type 'inv' to display the inventory.
Type 'clc' to clear the screen
Type 'look' or 'ls' to get the current description of the room.
Type 'save' to quicksave the session.
Type 'load' to restore the quicksave session.
Type 'doc' or 'help' to see this message again.
Type 'quit' to quit.

 Action: look

 You appear to be in a small bedroom. There are no windows. Light is
provided by a small ceiling lamp. There is a brown wooden door, a small bed
with no sheets, a small box which is laying on the bed.

 Action: _

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