A creeping wall of mysterious corruption is flowing across the land, killing and wilting everything it touches. Your only hope is to escape northward!

The corruption will follow you on your heels from the south. Watch your supplies, rest when you get tired, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Note about 7DRL 2014

Due to time constraints, the story presented here is incomplete. There are several different endings, but some story elements remain unresolved. Consider this as a sort of tech demo.

Click Anywhere to Begin

Game Over

Your entire party has died.

But at least you made it XXX miles in your northbound journey.

You Survived!

You escaped the corruption.

You traveled XXX miles in your northbound journey.

    Code: skeeto & netguy204 (PD)

    Music: Kevin MacLeod (CC BY 3.0)

    Graphics: Quaade (CC BY 3.0)