A Jekyll / deck.js Presentation

How to use this presentation:

  1. Clone this repository

    git clone --recursive https://github.com/skeeto/jekyll-deck.git
  2. Install Jekyll

    Follow the installation instructions in the wiki.
  3. Write your presentation inside index.html

    See the deck.js documentation for more info.
  4. Run Jekyll

  5. Use the generated presentation in _site

Don't forget about syntax highlighting!

(defun rc4-init-state ()
  "Initialize the arcfour state vector."
  (setq rc4-state (make-vector 256 0))
  (setq rc4-i 0)
  (setq rc4-j 0)
  (let (i)
    (dotimes (i 256 rc4-state)
      (aset rc4-state i i))))

Markdown is also a possiblity

## Slide Title
* This is Markdown
* It's simpler than HTML
* It might be nice to use