Another Perl One-liner: Byte Order

At work right now I am using two different machines. One is a 32-bit SPARC and the other is a very powerful SMP x86-64. Sometimes data are generated on one machine and used in a simulation on the other. There is a problem of byte-order, though. The SPARC is big-endian and the other is little-endian, and the programs on both sides don't pay attention to that small detail.

Luckily, the data are all 4-byte aligned. That's perfect for a Perl one-liner byte order conversion,

perl -e 'print scalar reverse while read STDIN, $_, 4' < in.le >

Perl is really great for concise hacks. I really like how this one-liner almost reads like a natural language sentence. Is there any other language that can do powerful one-liners like Perl?

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