Converted to HTML 5

I converted this website to HTML 5 from its original XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Because I was already valid, it was actually pretty easy. Well, I first converted it to XHTML 1.0 Strict by shifting some things into CSS that should have been that way in the first place (results of laziness). Then when that validated I just changed the DOCTYPE to HTML 5, added a new meta tag, checked that validation and that was it. Really simple.

One of the main reasons was so that I could use the new video tag. From now on any posts with videos will display them as in-line videos (Ogg Vorbis), provided you are using a browser with HTML 5 support. In fact, I already did it with two older posts: Knight's Tour and the Mandelbrot set zoom videos.

HTML 5 is still a moving target, so I may have to do some keeping up over time. Probably not.

Video is finally a first class web citizen and it is quite exciting.

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