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I wanted to try making one of those movie montage things I wrote about earlier into a nice poster that could be hung on a wall. Now, I prefer a Spartan environment whenever possible, so I really did not want to have my own poster. No decorations for me, please. I just wanted to make one. My solution? Make one for my sister, who has lots of junk and would enjoy having one. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean, so I used this movie, which she conveniently already had on DVD.

As before, I used mplayer to rip all of the frames I needed. To get a poster-quality version I would need better resolution. To do this, I changed the frame output image size to 160x90 (100 times bigger than before).


Next, I used my own montage script to put these frames together. My script took about 2 minutes to put together one of these larger montages. Finally, I used the Gimp to add a black border and simple title at the top. Since I don’t have any more than 512MB of memory on my computers, I actually had to scale the image down to 1/4 of its original size to do this. Before scaling, the GIMP was spending hours just adding the border because it was thrashing the hard drive. It needed about 2G of memory and it was using the hard drive to get it.

I took my giant image to FedEx Kinko’s where they printed it to a 2’x2’ poster for 30 bucks. Here are the results, taken using my sister’s crappy Kodak camera (never buy Kodak digital cameras, as they all suck!). To help see what is going on, I provided a glare version and a non-glare version. Each shows different details.

Here is the normal version from before for comparison.

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