E-mail Obfuscater Perl One-liner

If you look at the page sources around here you might notice that there are no bare e-mail addresses around. This is because I obfuscate them into a series of HTML entities. So far this has been pretty effective at hiding from address-scraping, web-crawling spam bots. They don't seem to try very hard at decoding HTML entities.

When I added the comment system, I needed to obfuscate addresses automatically. I quickly realized that this is yet another perl one-liner (and implemented as one line in the comment system). It can be used on the command line to obfuscate a file/pipe containing a list of addresses.

perl -lpe '$_ = join "", map {"&#" . ord() . ";"} split //'

All of the spaces are really only there for us humans,

perl -lpe '$_=join"",map{"&#".ord.";"}split//'

I keep running into these one-liners.

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