Neat Random Inn Generator

Joe Wetzel over at Inkwell Ideas put together a neat Random Inn/Tavern Generator for use in tabletop RPGs. He's still working on it so it's gradually building up more features. It's just JavaScript and HTML, so no special plugins are needed for it to work. Right now it appears to be the only generator that makes floorplans.

It creates a random floorplan using image segments, so you'll have to screenshot the website if you plan on saving a particular layout as a single image. It also generates a menu, including prices, which I think adds a lot of personality to the otherwise bare floorplan.

There are controls to fix certain properties of the generator in place, making it less random, so you can control things such as secret doors, inn size, and second floors. In the future there are plans for adding generated NPC staff and patrons, and even plot hooks.

Ameron over at Dungeon's Master just wrote a post Tavern Trappings as a guide for how to fill a tavern with everything else. It compliments the random inn generator well.

If I ever GM a game someday I think this would come in handy.

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