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Here's another bit of code I started using recently. I often find myself wanting to open — or reopen after kill-matching-buffers — all the files under a specific point in the file system. I'm using it at work now to open up all the source files in a deep Java source tree on small-ish project. Once it's all open I can switch to any file quickly with ido's fuzzy matching, flattening out the directory structure a bit. (And the ridiculous "security" software at work imposes a 3-second I/O block when opening files, so I get to pay this all up front at once rather than having it later break my flow.)

This just recursively travels down the sub-directories opening a buffer for everything it comes across. It ignores dot-files, like the ones your source control might litter.

;; ID: 72dc0a9e-c41c-31f8-c8f5-d9db8482de1e
(defun find-all-files (dir)
  "Open all files and sub-directories below the given directory."
  (interactive "DBase directory: ")
  (let* ((list (directory-files dir t "^[^.]"))
         (files (remove-if 'file-directory-p list))
         (dirs (remove-if-not 'file-directory-p list)))
    (dolist (file files)
      (find-file-noselect file))
    (dolist (dir dirs)
      (find-file-noselect dir)
      (find-all-files dir))))

One caveat: if you have a symbolic link that creates a file system loop, this will probably get hung on it.

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