United States Hamiltonian Paths

Awhile ago I wanted to find every Hamiltonian path in the contiguous 48 states. That is, trips that visit each state exactly once. Writing a program to search for Hamiltonian paths is easy (I did this already). The most time consuming part was actually putting together the data that specified the graph to be searched. I hope someone somewhere finds it useful. Here is a map for reference,

It took me several passes before I stopped finding errors. I think I have it all right now, but there could still be some mistakes. If you see one, leave a comment and I'll fix it here. Here is the graph as an S-expression alist; the car (first) element in each list is a state, and the cdr (rest) is the unordered list of states that can be reached from it.

((me nh)
 (nh vt ma me)
 (vt ny ma nh)
 (ma ri ct ny nh vt)
 (ny pa nj ma ct vt)
 (ri ma ct)
 (ct ri ma ny)
 (nj pa ny de)
 (de md pa nj)
 (pa nj ny de md wv oh)
 (md pa de va wv)
 (va md wv ky tn nc)
 (nc va tn ga sc)
 (sc nc ga)
 (ga fl sc al nc tn)
 (al ms fl ga tn)
 (ms la ar tn al)
 (tn ms al ga nc va ky mo ar)
 (ky wv va tn mo il in oh)
 (wv md pa oh ky va)
 (oh pa wv ky in mi)
 (fl al ga)
 (mi wi oh in)
 (wi mn ia il mi)
 (il in ky mo ia wi)
 (in oh ky il mi)
 (mo il ky tn ar ok ks ne ia)
 (ar mo tn ms la tx ok)
 (la ms ar tx)
 (tx ok nm ar la)
 (ok ks mo ar tx nm co)
 (ks ok co ne mo)
 (ne sd ia mo ks co wy)
 (sd nd mn ia ne wy mt)
 (nd mt sd mn)
 (ia ne mo il wi mn sd)
 (mn wi ia sd nd)
 (mt id wy sd nd)
 (wy id ut co ne sd mt)
 (co ne ks ok nm ut wy)
 (nm co ok tx az)
 (az nm ut ca nv)
 (ut nv id wy co az)
 (id mt wy ut nv or wa)
 (wa or id)
 (or wa id nv ca)
 (nv or id ut az ca)
 (ca az nv or))

Note that all paths must start or end in Maine because it connects to only one other state.

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